About Us

Thermal-Chem Corporation has been manufacturing a complete line of high performance, market-leading epoxy and urethane coatings since 1976.  With some of the most innovative floor protection and restoration products on the market today, our high performance coating systems were specifically developed to prolong, protect, and preserve your concrete surfaces.


Our Mission

Thermal-Chem’s mission is to embrace the challenge of today’s concrete coatings market with a dynamic vision of the future. By providing contractors with cutting-edge solutions that attract and retain end users, as well as improve installation productivity and product performance, Thermal-Chem offers unparalleled quality and superior product efficiency. Through constant innovation, relentless commitment to product development, genuine customer service and contractor partnership, Thermal-Chem stands alone as the leader in providing high performance coatings and systems to our markets.


Our Unique Philosophy

We are not a one coating fits all company.  We make a wide range of environmentally friendly coatings that meet a wide range of needs. Our philosophy has always been to engineer a customized coating system based on each customers individual needs. We take into account a customers performance criteria including downtime, aesthetics, chemical resistance, UV resistance, temperature, odor requirements, loads on the floor, budget, etc. We then design the most cost effective solution to meet those needs.  With unmatched client research, we provide products that enhance the value of your facility, as well as ensure the extended life of your floor.  Our nationwide network of certified contractors are knowledgeable and well equipped with the necessary tools to ensure product performance and customer satisfaction.



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