Epoxy Base Coats

Our line of high quality base coats don not contain unnecessary fillers that our competitors typically use to cheapen and extend their coatings.  This can result in poor adhesion and poor wear characteristics. Typically formulated with less pigment and less UV inhibitors than our Top Coats, they are designed to penetrate the concrete better and help to keep them economical. Our Base Coats are the prefect base for a broadcast, slurry, or trowel  epoxy system and do not require a primer.



Thermal-Chem's Epoxy Base Coats

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A two component, 100% solids epoxy base coat system designed for medium duty and general service applications. Formulated for interior use over dry substrates and when coated with the appropriate top coat provides good impact and abrasion resistance. Blended with select aggregates, this system can be trowel applied as an overlay system or applied as a slurry system with optional broadcast aggregate.

Forms Library – Products – Floor And Walls – Base Coats

ArmorClad 735

 Two-component, 100% solids epoxy base coat system with excellent impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance. Formulated for use in heavy traffic areas and can be applied to dry and moist substrates. Available in a rapid cure version where downtime needs to be kept to a minimum.

Forms Library – Products – Floor And Walls – Base Coats

FlexGard M 739

A unique low modulus, flexible epoxy base coat membrane system with 150% – 160% elongation. Excellent tough and durable system that can bridge non- moving cracks up to 1/16″. Typical uses include mechanical rooms, as a flexible membrane under other Thermal-Chem coatings, as a waterproofing membrane in containment areas, etc.

Forms Library – Products – Floor And Walls – Base Coats

FlexGard T 309

Is a 100% solids, low-modulus (30%-40% elongation) moisture insensitive epoxy base coat. Formulated for interior or exterior use this versatile product possesses excellent impact resistance and wearability, even when exposed to constant vehicle traffic. Typical uses include bridge decks, ramps, loading docks, commercial kitchens, industrial floors, etc.

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