It has been said that there are no dumb questions, only the ones not asked.  When visiting a new customer or an existing customer with a new project, it is extremely important to ask a lot of questions.

Attached is a nice sample survey that you can use or modify to gather the information you need to bid the project, a document that you can create a work ticket for your crew, and a permanent document for your client’s file. A fair number of flooring contractors are forgetting this important step.  Having this document in the future will allow you to speak to any questions or concerns your client may have.  Don’t let the excitement of the project steer you away from good business procedures.  This is one difference between a good contractor and a GREAT contractor. BE GREAT!

While not all of the questions on the survey will need to be answered, the ones that are answered will allow you to share precise project details, and in all likelihood, have your crew prepared to accomplish the project in the manner in which the customer is expecting. 

We’ve heard from several contractors; they brought in a questionnaire/survey and asked a battery of questions of the person showing them the project.  Our contractors are surprised when told by the prospect, “You were the only one to ask that many questions”.  Remember you need to find ways to stand out above your competition, let it start with the initial project review.

Time has taught us that “people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”.

New Job Inspection Survey