Cleaning Your Epoxy Floor

Cleaning Your Epoxy Floor

Care and Maintenance of your Epoxy, Urethane, or Polyaspartic floor:

One of the most frequent questions we receive here at Thermal-Chem is “how should I clean my epoxy floor?”.  Properly installed polymer floors are an investment and with some proper care and maintenance the life of the floor can be measurably extended.

Although epoxy floors are tough and durable, micro scratching caused by dust, dirt, gravel and sand will dull your glossy epoxy floor over time. Chemical spills can potentially stain, soften, or dull your floor depending on the harshness of the chemical and the amount of time they are left on the floor. Some simple preventative housekeeping methods like sweeping up debris and cleaning up chemical spills immediately will keep your epoxy floors looking great for years to come.

Typically, all that needs to be done to clean your polymer floor is to damp mop it and remove dirt and debris on a regular basis. If a more thorough cleaning is desired, we recommend using our 1105 ArmorClean Polymer Floor Cleaner or a similar general-purpose cleaner.  If there is doubt whether the cleaner will be safe to use, test it on a small area first to make sure it does not dull or affect the coating. Heavily soiled areas can be cleaned using a soft bristled brush, deck broom, or with a green pad and our 1105 ArmorClean or similar cleaning agent. For larger industrial or commercial floors an automatic floor scrubber, which can scrub and recover dirty water in one action, are the most efficient.

For more detailed information on cleaning your epoxy or urethane floor please view our Care and Maintenance of Thermal-Chem Polymer Floors cleaning guide:

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