What Is a DecoEssence Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating, and What Are the Benefits of Installing One?

What Is a DecoEssence Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating, and What Are the Benefits of Installing One?

Concrete is the most widely used material in the world. The only problem is that concrete is porous. This allows water and other liquid spills to get down into the flooring. Over time, this will degrade the concrete and lower the concrete floor’s lifespan. 


Concrete floors are also a little plain and not the most attractive option in the world.


What if there were a way to make your concrete floors more durable and gorgeous at the same time?


There is! That’s why so many people are turning to Thermal-Chem’s DecoEssence metallic epoxy floors. Not only do they protect and lengthen the lifespan of your concrete floors, but they also are easy to maintain and are cost-effective. Plus, each one looks unique because of the installation technique. 


Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those too-good-to-be-true things. Come along while we explore all the benefits of this incredible new trending flooring option.


What Is DecoEssence Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating?


Metallic Epoxy DecoEssence

Epoxy coatings are a mixture of resin and hardeners that are applied on top of your concrete floor. As the mixture cures, the epoxy resin goes from a liquid to a hard solid. 


Metallic epoxy floor coatings add bits of metallic pigment that can create a lava flow look, a pearlescent shine, a 3D swirl effect, and even a natural stone look. 


Because the metallic epoxy will spread differently every time, each floor ends up looking unique — even when using the same colors. Epoxy floor coatings give businesses or homes the ability to have effective commercial/ residential flooring that doesn’t look the same as everyone else’s. 


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Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

Metallic Epoxy DecoEssence

Thermal-Chem’s DecoEssence metallic epoxy floor coatings offer all the benefits of epoxy floor coatings. Let’s look at them here.



Properly installed metallic epoxy flooring over concrete is one of the most durable flooring options available. This is a big reason why so many businesses are falling in love with these metallic epoxy floors. Their workplaces see a lot of traffic and they need floors that will stand up to high-traffic and won’t need replacing every few years.



With a gloss, satin or matte top coat of urethane, these epoxy floorings are both scratch-resistant and impact resistant. If you’re constantly dropping things on the floor, you may start to see some chips and dings, but it will take a while. With normal use, your floor will stay shiny and blemish-free.



Epoxy flooring offers great traction, an important factor when you have employees and customers walking around on your floors all day. Slips and falls are one of the most common ways people can be injured in the workplace. Slip-resistant floors are a great way to minimize this risk.



Epoxy floor coatings effectively seal your concrete floor. Now you no longer have to worry about liquid spills soaking down into the concrete. It’s a great flooring option for any concrete that sees frequent liquid and chemical spills. 


Easy Cleaning

Cleaning epoxy flooring is a breeze. Liquid spills won’t soak in so you can simply wipe them up. Sweep the epoxy floor as needed to clean up any debris and mop it with warm water and mild soap as necessary.



Depending on use, proper installation, and the type of materials used, epoxy floor coating can last for decades with only minimal maintenance. A lot of traffic will shorten the lifespan somewhat, but this type of flooring offers one of the best long-lasting flooring options that money can buy.



Speaking of money, you might think that epoxy is expensive after reading the list of benefits. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Epoxy coatings are a very economical option when compared to other flooring materials. Of course, the final price of your particular floor will vary depending on the materials used and the style you choose.



This long list of benefits comes with all epoxy floor coatings. DecoEssence metallic floor coatings offer one thing extra: beauty. That’s not to say that epoxy floors are ugly, but they are a little plain. Adding the metallic pigment changes the look of your floors and gives each business a unique look that will be sure to wow their customers.

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How Is It Installed?

The durability and beauty of epoxy floor coatings come down to how they are installed. If the installation is not done correctly, the coating can accentuate flaws in the floor and it won’t be as durable.


This means that installing this type of flooring is not a good do-it-yourself project.


First, the installers must carefully grind or shotblast the concrete floor, repairing chipped spots, cracks, sunken spots, or discolored areas. Blemishes like these can show up in an unattractive way in the final product if not addressed beforehand.


The floor is then applied in layers. Some types of epoxy are poured and then spread with a squeegee. Others are rolled out like they are being “painted” on the concrete. The final topcoat is what gives the floor its luster, shine, and beauty. 


Who Can Use Metallic Epoxy Floors?

Metallic Epoxy DecoEssence

Everyone!  DecoEssence metallic epoxy flooring is extremely versatile and its attributes make it great for any industry. 


Its beauty makes it perfect for spaces where you want to impress customers like showrooms, salons, hotel lobbies, retail stores, etc. Its practicality and durability make it perfect for any business that needs a long-lasting floor.  Having metallic epoxy floors installed in your home will also increase the value of your home as well as impress all your visitors!


Ready for a Floor of Your Own?

Metallic Epoxy DecoEssence

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz from other business/ homeowners about how amazing metallic epoxy floor coatings are. Now that you’ve learned about the benefits, you know why they are raving. 


Do you still have questions? Maybe you’re ready to dive in and install new flooring that looks amazing. Either way, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!


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