Flooring Tips for Setting Up a Commercial Grow Room


The general term ‘commercial grow’ defines a place where cannabis plants are germinated, transplanted, grown, and brought to maturity. When building a facility ismeant for cultivation, it’s imperative to make sure the floor can sustain the health and productivity of the plants.

Unfortunately, most people understand the high energy and temperatures required of a commercial grow room, but they don’t give as much focus to the floor. And as a result, the floor can contaminate the crop harvested from the grow room. At Thermal-Chem, our contractors install a range of epoxy floorings that will increase your floor’s durability and enhance your grow room’s aesthetic. Here’s our guide to grow room flooring and why epoxy is the best option.

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How to set up the flooring

Maintain a sealed and seamless surface

A commercial grow room can’t be effective if it has breaks and cracks, since it harbors contaminants. Bare concrete is porous, which means it absorbs liquids. So contaminants from the environment outside the grow house can leach into the space and contaminate the crop. This can be anything from insecticide, fungicide, fertilizers and other minerals, which are highly toxic for an environment in which these plants grow.

A bare floor is not able to keep the plant safe, especially since it’s vulnerable to Moisture Vapor Transmission. This water within the floor slab can help  harbor mold and mildew which can be detrimental to the health of the cannabis plants.

Sometimes the saturation of water on the floor is not from water from the outside environment moving osmotically upward. It can be from the regular plant watering and the humidity maintained within the grow room at all times. It’s crucial to protect the floor surface to prevent this saturation. A well-protected floor means the water accumulated on the surface of the floor to be cleaned up later.


Keep it easy to clean

Using materials that are easy to clean ensures that plants can’t be infected, especially because the confined space and temperature of a commercial grow room can easily harbor microbes. Not only is the space confined, but it is also very moist. That means the floor is usually wet.

The cleaner the grow room, the better the caliber of crop that one harvest. Cleaning the floor is one of the most important ways of keeping high hygiene standards. This is why it’s important to choose a flooring that can bear the brunt of heavy-duty cleaning.


Make it chemical resistant 

For a longer lifespan of the floor, one needs to consider chemical resistant flooring material. Cannabis and any other plant in a commercial grow room will be subjected to treatment using some chemical products for the general health of the plants. Some chemicals can be excellent for the plants, but they may be a bit more abrasive on the floor. Using weak or subpar flooring material means that the floor is not safe for the plants but also for the safety of the personnel working in the grow room.

A chemical resistant floor keeps the room sanitary and this is absolutely crucial when growing plants for human consumption.


Ensure it is slip-resistant 

When considering the flooring material to be used in a commercial grow room, the ability of the material to be waterproof and slip-resistant should be among the major factors for consideration. A slip-resistant floor is safe for anyone working in the space. The waterproof quality ensures the floor doesn’t become a breeding ground for mold and annoying insects like gnats. 

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Make it thermal shock resistant

An effective floor for a commercial grow room should be able to withstand a little amount of thermal shock resistance. Since the floor should be steam-cleaned at least once a week (if not more frequently) to eliminate chances of contamination of the crops, this is a key factor. The less thermal-resistant the floor, the higher the chances of the floor developing cracks and creating crevices where bugs, microbes and fungi can grow.

For one to achieve the level of safety needed in a commercial grow room setting, they need to look at the best industrial material to fit the needs and environment in a commercial grow room. For cannabis, an epoxy floor is highly recommended.


Advantages of using epoxy flooring

It’s better to use 100% solids epoxy flooring for a commercial grow room because 100% solids epoxy coating on the floor prevents off-gassing.  This means that the plant is not exposed to volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) from construction components like sealer or fresh paint. Off-gassing can really affect the quality of the crop one harvests, so making sure this is prevented means using a material that has no emissions like epoxy.

Epoxy flooring is also easy to clean and it’s faster to fix compared to most other flooring materials. The floor can be wiped quickly and easily preventing the growth of fungi and microbes. Even insects find it hard to thrive on an epoxy floor because there is no place for them to hide.

Another major advantage of using epoxy on the floor of a commercial grow room is its reflective nature. The highly reflective surface of an epoxy floor bounces light off, enhancing the lighting fixtures in the space. This can help mitigate the utility cost since one can control the temperature better while having a naturally bright room. 

Finally, epoxy flooring will last for a long time unlike other floors. It remains resistant to abrasions, chemicals and abuse through the years. The good thing about epoxy flooring is that it can be customized as much as one needs it to be. As a result, one can choose the best floor that suits their grow room needs.  


Why is the flooring important?

Having the right set up for a grow room ensures that one gets the best out of their plant-growing endeavors. Using the right materials also helps keep the grow room floor functional and safe by making sure that it can be painted with floor safety markings to show traffic areas and designated work areas.

Cannabis crops require a controlled environment to grow effectively. This is primarily because dispensary marijuana, which has found a place in the popular indoor commercial grow rooms that are more controlled compared to outdoor settings, has to meet certain pharmaceutical standards.

The flooring is important because it enables cannabis growers to meet the crop standard set by cannabis growth regulators. A good floor guarantees that the crop is safe for human consumption.

Final Note

Now that you know about maintaining a clean, durable, and sleek flooring for your cannabis grow room, it’s time to start deciding which epoxy flooring is the right one for you. Check out our product brochures to find out more about our line of epoxy coatings to get started.

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