Condo Parking Garage Floor Coatings

low angle condo at night parking garage flooring

When choosing a parking garage coating system there are many  things that need to be considered. Shutting down a parking garage for maintenance is a major inconvenience to the residents of the building so you will want a system that is tough and durable and will provide maintenance free service for many years.  


The constant heavy vehicle traffic, leaking automotive fluids (oil, gas, brake fluid, etc) as well as the salt and moisture carried in during inclement weather all deteriorate the concrete in parking garages. The longer the concrete is left unprotected and allowed to deteriorate the more expensive it will be to repair.


At Thermal-Chem we’re dedicated to providing durable and affordable flooring options for your condominium parking garage. Our long lasting coatings will provide years of maintenance free service.


Our coatings provide a bright colored, reflective floor to help lighten up even the darkest garages. The systems we recommend  are also non-slip and provide a safe walking surface for your residents and their guests. High visibility and long lasting epoxy line striping also clearly marks parking spaces and walking areas.


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Epoxy Floor Coating Options for Condo Garages:


Epoxy Floor Coating Options for Condo Garages


Solid color industrial epoxy


A Single or double  broadcast of our solid color industrial epoxy is our most popular and economical option for coating condo parking garages. These systems are 1/16″ – 1/8″ thick of 100% solids epoxy flooring systems are combined with graded quartz sand to provide an extremely abrasion resistant, tough and durable surface. 


These industrial grade epoxy are chemical resistant to all the contaminants typically found in parking garages. These systems are then usually top coated with one of our urethanes for increased UV stability that helps prevent the epoxy from changing color over time. The urethane coating also offers better mar and scratch resistance than just epoxy by itself. 




DecoQuartz is another option for parking garage coatings. It is similar to solid color industrial epoxy but uses clear epoxy combined with colored quartz sand. This industrial grade robust epoxy system is also aesthetically pleasing and comes in a wide variety of color blends.  The finished 1/8″ seamless floor system will provide years of maintenance free service.


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DecoFlake is most commonly found in residential garages but is also a good fit for condominium parking garages. This decorative flooring system comes in a wide variety of decorative flake blends that is combined with our industrial grade epoxy resins. Not as tough as our DecoQuartz or Industrial Broadcast systems this type of system is better suited to smaller condominium garages looking for an aesthetically pleasing  yet protective floor.


Which Floor Coating is Right for Your Condo Parking Garage? 


Epoxy floor coating in the garage


Installing epoxy coating in your condo’s parking garage takes a lot of pre-planning and preparation. You must consider what comes with a heavy-traffic area, like deterioration or leaking automotive fluid. But also remember that condos also have multiple residents, many of which own their unit and do not want to have their day disrupted too heavily. 


At Thermal-Chem, we have epoxy floor coating options for every circumstance and that meet every need. Contact us today to find out more about our extensive list of products. 

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