Case Studies

This archive displays all of the cases where our products were the best solution, and yielded the optimal results for the customer. Read below to view the individual cases:



One Tail at a Time Installation

One Tail at a Time is a dog and cat rescue that had problems with their floor coatings failing in the kennel and operating areas. Because many of the animals are sick when they arrive, it is imperative that their floors are easy to clean and sanitize. Thermal-Chem has several options for kennel flooring, animal hospital flooring, veterinary flooring, etc. and had the perfect solution to their flooring issues.



Bay Valley Foods Installation

With 18 manufacturing facilities, Bay Valley Foods is the largest pickle and pepper supplier in the U.S. and one of the leading providers of private label foods in North America. When their Chicago pickle facility was in the market for a new floor coating, Plant Manager Phil Rodriguez contacted Thermal-Chem.


Enjoy Life Foods Bakery

The Schiller Park, IL facility was having some problems with the floor coatings in the 10,000 sq/ft bakery area. The existing floor coating was not tough enough to withstand the rigors of their operation. There were constant hot racks filled with bakery goods being rolled across the floor as well as stringent cleaning procedures. The flooring they had was failing in many areas and several patch attempts did not work. Plant Manager David Kaplan was looking for a permanent solution to their bakery floor issues and turned to Thermal-Chem.


Pets Loyal to Vets

Pets Loyal to Vets is a non-profit group that matches disabled military veterans with specially trained service dogs. In their new training facility they required a floor coating that was tough enough to withstand the heavy foot/paw traffic, harsh cleaning products, and urine commonly found in these types of animal facilities. They were referred to Thermal-Chem certified installer Ryan Hutton, owner of Mncoat.


Chicago White Sox: Chi-Sox Bar & Grill

Chi-Sox Bar & Grill is the newest restaurant opened by the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field. The restaurant is open every game day and on the walls is a veritable museum of historic White Sox memorabilia. The original stained concrete was not holding up to large volume of traffic in the restaurant. They were looking for a decorative yet durable floor finish that would be fitting for the showcase restaurant.



CH Distillery Installation

In the 3000 sq/ft distillery portion of this new facility, they required a floor coating that was tough enough to withstand the rigors of a distillery production area which would contain separate fermenting tanks for each of its spirits as well as gin and vodka stills.  Broadleaf Inc. recommended Thermal-Chem’s workhorse epoxy system 745 DecoClear and a topcoat of 1061 ArmorFinish for enhanced chemical, stain and scuff resistance applied as a 60mil broadcast in a custom blue color.

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