Thermal-Chem has been in the business of providing high-performance concrete coatings since 1976. Let’s take some time to talk about Chemical Resistant Concrete Top Coats. All of our projects have two critical parts. The surface preparation, (creating a adhesion profile for our products to adhere to for long periods of time), and the top coat being chemically resistant to exposures in the selected space. Residential projects such as garages need to be chemically resistant to automotive fluids such as gasoline, motor oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, and recently the new composition of tires being sold today.Garages, while originally designed for storage, are now being used as a “bonus” area where a decorative floor can be installed. 

Common Applications

Thermal-Chems #748 DecoTop epoxy, #1057 Urethane, #1062 Polyurea, and #1070 Polyaspartic represent approximately 90% of our sales for high-performance topcoats.

Chemical Resistant Top Coats for Auto Service

This wide variety allows our customers to install projects not only in residential settings, but also in areas such as automobile service centers, automotive dealerships service write up areas, fire stations, and aircraft hangars.

Chemical Resistant Top Coats for Auto Service Centers

Each of the above on face value seems straightforward, but not always.While the automotive service center and service write up areas are exposed to the same automotive chemicals, fire stations have extremely hot tires that are manufactured with solvent based chemicals to keep them soft but durable.The chemicals through centrifugal force make their way to the outside of each tire on every run.When the trucks return and are cleaned, the hot tires chemical composition can leave “footprints” if the correct topcoat is not selected.

Chemical Resistant Top Coats for Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft hangars and helicopter storage areas have aviation fuels that are extremely flammable and present a completely different topcoat requirement.Thermal-Chem’s #1057 Urethane has proven to be a fantastic solution. Lastly are battery charging areas.As our country moves away from fossil fuels toward alternatives, battery charging areas have become much larger.Companies such as Amazon commit miles of square footage to the charging stations of their equipment.The batteries sometimes have a high concentration of sulfuric acid, Thermal-Chem’s #755 NovoClad is the right choice when exposure to these types of chemicals is present.

How to select a Chemical Resistant Concrete Top Coat

Selecting the correct topcoat is like fishing.You cannot expect to bring home a big catch without the right bait.No fisherman I know has only 1 lure.Selecting the topcoat is very similar.Thermal-Chem’s portfolio of topcoats provides many options to coat almost any project for you to “bring home the big one”.<!doctype html>