Commercial Floor Coatings

Thermal-Chem’s unique interior Commercial Flooring products create an elegant and dramatic visual effect wherever they are installed.  Decorative commercial floors incorporate a combination of metallic pigments, colored acrylic chips or flakes or colored quartz granules evenly dispersed into a resinous polymer matrix across the floor surface.  These decorative floors are environmentally safe and offer many of the performance features of industrial floors while providing attractive and pleasing decorative surfaces.


Commercial Flooring Options


Decorative commercial flooring system that combines a specially formulated metallic pigment blend with our industrial epoxy to provide a unique one of a kind look by using different application techniques no two floors will be the same. The commercial coatings are impervious to common chemicals and moisture to provide a durable surface.


Commercial flooring option that combines our tough industrial epoxy with colored vinyl flakes for an aesthetically appealing yet durable maintenance free floor. The total system is about 1/16” to provide durability and different textures can be achieved to provide the slip resistance required for the environment.


Seamless commercial flooring system that features the beauty and toughness of colored quartz aggregate with our industrial resins. This exceptionally durable commercial floor has excellent abrasion resistance with many different decorative color options. The finished 1/8″ system can provide years of maintenance free service.


Commercial Flooring

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

We take great pride in our high-performance epoxies here at Thermal-Chem. We know that businesses require a commercial epoxy floor that is beautiful and maintenance free. For this reason, we make sure that the commercial epoxy surface is strong, durable, and seamless and requires only a damp mop to clean. No time consuming and expensive waxing is required to keep our floors looking shiny and new.

Commercial Resin Flooring

Our commercial resin flooring here at Thermal-Chem provides our customers with a durable, safe and long lasting solution for virtually any commercial space. You can utilize these flooring options in restaurants, restrooms, commercial kitchens, storefronts, grocery stores, showrooms and virtually anywhere a great looking, seamless floor is required. They are easy to clean, resistant to damage, and have excellent hygienic properties. They even provide a commercial nonslip flooring solution to ensure that potential customers are safe when they walk through the door.


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