Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Thermal Chem provides concrete grinding services such as grinding concrete floor.


What is Concrete Grinding?

So what exactly is concrete grinding? Concrete grinding is a way of scraping off imperfections and inconsistencies in texture, to create a smoother, polished, and well-preserved floor. Concrete grinding is not only essential for increasing surface durability but is also a procedure that is used to prepare the floor for an alternative flooring option.


Why is Concrete Grinding Important?

Concrete grinding plays an integral role in ensuring floor longevity, with a well-preserved floor base and texture. This procedure will make sure to restore your concrete surfaces, by eliminating all imperfections and irregularities to create a brand new smooth concrete floor. Say goodbye to any prior floor damages and hello to your brand new concrete with a fresh long life-span. Any remnants such as dirt, epoxies or pain will be removed to leave a flat and polished floor surface. Concrete grinding comes in especially handy in situations in which the uneven concrete has become hazardous.


Our Concrete Grinding Services


Grinding Concrete Floors

At Thermal Chem, we provide a few concrete grinding services. We use concrete grinding as part of our industrial concrete flooring services. When we apply a concrete floor, we make sure to grind the concrete to ensure longevity. We will also use concrete grinding to prepare the floor for an alternative flooring option, such as epoxy. Applying epoxy to concrete floors is especially popular and a great way of ensuring a strong and durable epoxy floor. Once were grind the concrete, we provide high-performance floor coatings to provide a customized solution for your specific industrial floor coating needs. We also use concrete grinding as a way of repairing, restoring, and protecting already placed concrete surfaces and structures.


Our Industrial Concrete Flooring Services

At Thermal Chem, we also provide industrial flooring services, including the grinding of concrete driveways.


Grinding Concrete Driveway

Replacing your entire concrete driveway can be an extremely costly procedure. Instead, Thermal Chem can provide industrial concrete grinding services that will leave your concrete driveway looking as good as new in no time. This technique is guaranteed to restore, repair and protect your driveway.

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