High Performance Concrete Coating and Restoration Solutions

At Thermal-Chem you’ll find everything you need to help you protect your concrete surfaces. Since 1976, ThermalChem manufactures a full line of high performance epoxy and urethane concrete floor coatings and repair products for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Our brand is driven to formulate new products that provide durable flooring systems with superior quality and elegant looks that enhances the value of any facility.

Industrial, Commercial, Institutional & Residential Flooring

Whether your floor coating need is for a meat processing floor, secondary containment area, airplane hangar, or kitchen we can provide you with proven solutions for your particular application.  Every floor is different and has its own diverse needs.  We provide the correct protective solution for every unique project while giving fair pricing and providing unparalleled customer service.

Resource Library

Below is your one-stop resource for Thermal-Chem product information including Data Sheets, Specifications and Color Charts:

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