Industrial Floor Coatings

Thermal-Chem’s Industrial Floor Coatings Product Group features cost effective and versatile products with a wide

Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial Floor Coatings

range of performance properties allowing for application under most existing environmental conditions. Thermal-Chem 100% solids fluid applied resinous flooring systems provide an excellent seamless wearing surface that resists abrasion impact and most harsh chemicals, thereby extending the service life of any unprotected concrete substrate. Most systems can be installed as specific performance requirements dictate, at any desired thickness and in a variety of colors and slip-resistant textures.  Safety lines can also be added for logistical purposes.


Specific production needs can be met by using a variety of Thermal-Chem’s fast cure, low odor formulations where minimizing costly plant shut downs is a requirement. Thermal-Chem’s unique high performance floor coatings protect against  high temperatures and thermal shock.  All are low in maintenance and provide the ultimate in safe and clean work environments.  All floor coating systems are environmentally safe, user friendly, VOC and Green compliant, and meet USDA requirements.  These systems can withstand frequent cleaning, high impacts and vehicle traffic.

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