Industrial Floor Coatings

Thermal-Chem’s Industrial Floor Coatings Product Group features and versatile products with a wide range of performance properties allowing for application under most existing environmental conditions. Thermal-Chem Corp 100% solids fluid applied resinous flooring systems provide an excellent seamless wearing surface that resists abrasion impact and most harsh chemicals, thereby extending the service life of any unprotected concrete substrate. Most systems can be installed as specific performance requirements dictate, at any desired thickness and in a variety of colors and anti-slip-resistant textures.  Safety lines can also be added for logistical purposes.


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Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial Floor Coatings


Specific production needs can be met by using a variety of Thermal-Chem’s fast cure, low odor formulations where minimizing costly plant shutdowns is a requirement. Thermal-Chem’s unique high-performance floor coatings protect against high temperatures and thermal shock.  All are low in maintenance and provide the ultimate in safe and clean work environments. All floor coating systems are environmentally safe, user-friendly, VOC and Green compliant, and meet USDA requirements.  These systems can withstand frequent cleaning, high impacts, and vehicle traffic.


Our Industrial Concrete Flooring Services

Our Industrial flooring group contains a wide range of versatile products with performance properties to meet the most demanding industrial environments. These systems can be applied in a wide of thicknesses from thin mil, to heavy duty ¼” thick trowelled systems to meet a wide range of service needs.


Benefits of Industrial Resin Flooring

Industrial resin flooring provides a safe, durable, and long lasting solution for virtually any industrial environment. They are easy to clean, resistant to damage, and have excellent chemical resistance. With the addition of special aggregates and additives, they even provide an industrial nonslip flooring solution to ensure that your employees have a safe walking surface.


Industrial Resin Flooring

Industrial resin flooring provides a safe, durable, and long lasting solution for any occasion. You can utilize these flooring options in pharmaceuticals, retail markets, and automated factories. They are easy to clean, resistant to damage, and have excellent hygienic properties. They even provide an industrial nonslip flooring solution to ensure that potential customers are safe when they walk through the door. If you are interested in a top industrial flooring service, then we can provide you with what you need.


Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Since 1976 we’ve been manufacturing industrial epoxy flooring. We take pride in giving customers a high-quality epoxy floor coating that can provide a functional floor and attractive finish. The surface also has impressive strength and durability with excellent chemical, impact, and abrasion resistance. We know how complex industrial epoxy flooring can be, so we take the time in manufacturing the best.


Industrial Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen is where you create culinary masterpieces, so it deserves the best industrial kitchen flooring. You want a coating that can create durable,  easy to clean and maintain a protective floor. In addition, it’s important that your flooring surface has a non-slip solution. The last thing you want is your kitchen staff sliding around with food all over the place. You want your industrial nonslip floor coating to provide you with a kitchen floor that is resistant to mold, fungus, and foul odor. That way, it will continue to function flawlessly throughout your busy workday. Let us help pick what industrial kitchen flooring style is best for you.


Industrial Style Flooring

The industrial look and style are very popular in lots of residential (homes, condos, lofts) and commercial applications. It brings a sense of professionalism to the scene. However, such designs require special coating, aesthetics, and style to create it. We manufacture epoxy and urethane industrial coatings that crossover perfectly to provide the industrial look and functionality to residential and commercial installations.


Nonslip Industrial Flooring

No matter what industry you’re in, you want to make sure that all your guests, clients, and employees are safe from slips and falls. That means, your industrial flooring coating option must be properly matched up with the working conditions. You want industrial flooring that is easy to keep clean as well as providing a nonslip walking surface. Our contractors will take the time to analyze the perfect type of anti-slip profile for your environment that is both durable and easy to maintain.


Why our Industrial Floor Coatings?

Our industrial floor coating line is a good fit for manufacturing facilities, aisle ways, high traffic areas, docks, pharmaceutical manufacturers, laboratories, food and beverage facilities and anywhere a high-performance industrial coating is required.

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