Thermal-Chem chemical resistant floor coatings offer the ultimate protection for the most aggressive and destructive environments – to resist a wide range of harsh chemicals in splash, spill, or even complete immersion conditions. In addition, these concrete coatings can be installed under the most adverse application conditions imaginable, including heavily eroded surfaces, vertical or horizontal substrates, damp conditions, interior and exterior applications, or at ‘cold’ temperatures down to 0 degrees F. Thermal-Chem products are high solids / low odor during installation, exceed Federal VOC guidelines, are completely user friendly, and are environmentally safe. Thermal-Chem can help to protect both your investment and your environment with protective systems that are truly the most versatile, durable, and extensive product lines available to solve “real world” problems in The Work Place.

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Product Options

752 VersiGard – Excellent chemical resistance

755 AcidGard – Superior chemical resistance to acids

757 SolventGard – Excellent resistance to solvents

System Installation Guide – Two Coat Acid Resistant Flooring System


  • Chemical resistance
  • Slip-resistant surfaces
  • A variety of colors
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