TuffPatch Concrete Repair Kits


What is TuffPatch?

TuffPatch is used for concrete repair, restoring concrete floors to original strength and protecting it from future damage. In addition to saving your concrete floor from chemical erosion and tough abrasion, the non-porous, non-shrinking qualities of TuffPatch makes it easy to clean for years to come. Thermal-Chem TuffPatch comes in five varieties suited to your needs, whether it’s for industrial, food-processing, or residential concrete flooring – just to name a few.



TuffPatch Repair Kits

Our TuffPatch Concrete Repair Kits


All TuffPatch Concrete Repair kits consist of three (3) pre-proportioned components packaged in convenient 5-gallon pails. Each includes:

  • A and B resin components 
  • Appropriate aggregate
  • Complete set of instructions 

All TuffPatch Kits are available in Tile Red, Medium Gray and Straw (clear) except UF 606. Ultra Fast 606 is available only in straw. At Thermal-Chem, we believe that our concrete patch repairs are great at solving even the toughest cracks.



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TuffPatch MP is 100% solids, non-shrink epoxy polymer patch kit designed for multi-purposes.  This product is a proven performer that provides excellent impact and abrasion resistance along with good chemical resistance for most heavy-duty applications.   TuffPatch MP may be applied on dry or moist surfaces at temperatures down to 40 degrees F and is ideal for interior and exterior applications.

Uses: Truck loading docks, manufacturing areas and general industrial concrete repair.

Advantages:  13,000 PSI compressive strength, low odor, meets USDA guidelines, no patching minimum or maximum depth limitations.

Coverage:  18 sq. ft. at 1/4″ depth.


TuffPatch VS is 100% solids, non-shrink epoxy polymer patch kit designed for vertical and overhead surfaces.  TuffPatch VS is identical to MP 600 but in a light gel consistency.

Uses: Fill surface cracks, patching walls, curbs and ceilings.

Advantages: Long pot life for extra working time, low odor, no VOCs, vertical and overhead patching will “hang” at 1/2″ per lift when mixed with the proper aggregate.

Coverage: 17 sq. ft. at 1/4″ depth.


TuffPatch FP 604 is a polyurethane mortar system for use in food processing facilities.  Its chemical composition of water emulsified polyurethane combined with cement and silica sand produce properties that exceed those of concrete while delivering the ultimate resistance to thermal shock and the ability to withstand high temperatures up to 230 degrees F.

Uses: Food processing, commercial kitchens, meat and poultry processing plants, food and beverage plants and general industrial areas.

Advantages: HIGH THERMAL SHOCK RESISTANCE, high impact resistance, four hour cure, no solvents or offensive odors, may be installed on moist substrates and no VOC’s.

Coverage:  14 sq. ft. at 1/4″ depth.


TuffPatch UF is a 70% solids, very fast setting, ultra low viscosity, high strength modified urethane repair material.  TuffPatch UF is formulated to use in combination with clean, dry sand for quick turn-around repairs on spalled and deteriorated concrete.  Its quick build of compressive strength permits heavy forklift traffic in just minutes after placement.

Uses: Repair holes, non-moving cracks and spalls, rebuild damaged joints, when quick turn-around time is required.  Cannot be used in wet areas.

Advantages:  Can be applied down to 20 degrees F.  Supports heavy traffic in 20 minutes, self-priming on virtually all concrete surfaces. Meets USDA requirements, 3 to 5 minute pot life.

Coverage: 11 sq. ft. at 1/4″


TuffPatch is a 100% solids chemical resistant reactive novolac type epoxy formulation that has excellent resistance to a wide range of dry and liquid chemicals.  Can be installed down to 45 degrees F.

Uses:  Battery charging areas, hazmat facilities, chemical processing plants, primary and secondary storage and containment.

Advantages: No VOC’s, no minimum or maximum depth limitations, chemical resistant surfaces.

Coverage: 18 sq. ft. at 1/4″.


Concrete Patch Repair with Thermal-Chem

We use a four-step patching process for TuffPatch installation. First, we prep the surface to make sure it’s clear of residue. Then, we cover the surface with a strong Thermal-Chem primer. After mixing the TuffPatch material, we complete the patching process. Contact us at (800) 635-3773 to get started with a Thermal-Chem certified installer.

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