Marijuana Dispensary and Cultivation Centers are a growing industry with their own unique set of challenges. Because of how new the industry is, State regulations will likely become stricter so they should build for future compliance. As is the case with medical and food production facilities, cleanliness is paramount.  These facilities require seamless, easy to clean and maintain floors to discourage mold, bacteria, fungi and other pests. Oftentimes growers are re-purposing older industrial facilities with deteriorated concrete floors and turning them into state-of-the-art growing facilities.

For over 40 years, Thermal-Chem has been manufacturing high performance epoxy and urethane floor and wall coatings designed for pharmaceutical, food processing, and manufacturing facilities. More recently our epoxy coatings have been used in many marijuana industry facilities from cultivation centers, to edible production facilities, to dispensaries. Our seamless epoxy systems provide a sanitary, easy to clean surface offering mold, fungus and other pests no place hide. They are tough and durable enough to withstand the constant moisture and traffic and have a glossy finish that enhances light reflection.

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