Epoxy Primers

Thermal-Chem’s line of epoxy primers provide a tenacious mechanical bond to help promote adhesion of the base coats and top coats to the substrate. The epoxy primers also help seal both old and new concrete prior to the application of another coating and can help reduce the problem of out-gassing due to porous or heavily abraded substrates. Each of our primers have been specifically formulated for different uses.


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726 ArmorPrime Application

Thermal-Chem’s Epoxy Primers:

  • ArmorPrime 726 : General purpose,  100% solids epoxy primer available in straw and pigmented. This system can be applied neat in a thin mil coat or as thick as 20 mils, without a blush. It can be mixed with a fine silica to aid in filling rough and uneven concrete substrates prior to the final top coat application.
  • ArmorPrime 100 734: A 100% solids epoxy primer with excellent penetrating and adhesion performance characteristics. High quality primer should be used when high levels of abrasion, impact and shear resistance are required. Comes in straw and pigmented as well as normal and rapid cure.
  • ArmorPrime WB 1080: A water-based and water-tolerant epoxy primer with a relatively fast cure time. Tenacious bond to even damp concrete.
  • Steel Primer 732: A two-component epoxy primer to be used over steel to promote adhesion. SteelPrime has been formulated for interior or exterior use, meets VOC regulations and is
    USDA approved. Can be applied to dry steel substrates that have been cleaned to white metal.
  • VaporGard 211: A low viscosity epoxy primer designed to penetrate into the smallest fissures, sealing the concrete from moisture vapor passing. Coatings applied over concrete with vapor  transmission rate greater than 3.0 lbs. Per 1,000 square feet per 24 hours (ASTM F 1869 Calcium Chloride Test) period will typically blister and fail. VaporGard’s unique formulation is designed to reduce or eliminate vapor transmission through concrete.

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