Residential Concrete Floor Coatings

Thermal-Chem offers a wide selection of high quality decorative coatings that consist of solid colors, vinyl flake, or color quartz systems. The same high performance coatings that have been used for years in our industrial and commercial applications are now available for use in your home. Manufactured up to a standard, not down to a price, these long lasting and durable systems are far superior to the light-duty do-it-yourself (DIY) coatings available at your local home improvement store.  Thermal-Chem’s floor systems are resistant to gas, salts, oil, household cleaners, etc.



  • Highly Functional                                  
  • Superior, Long Term Surface Protection
  • Easy-to-Clean and Maintain
  • Elegant Finishes 
  • Safer and Healthier for your family

Residential Floor Coating Systems:

  • DecoFlake: Combines the durability and toughness of our industrial epoxy and urethane coatings with vinyl flakes for very aesthetically appealing yet protective floor.
  • DecoEssence: A three-coat, decorative polymer flooring system with metallic pigment designed to produce a uniquely attractive 3-dimensional appearance with superior surface wear protection.
  • DecoColor: Tough and durable glossy finish solid color epoxy floor coating available in a wide variety of standard and designer colors.
  • DecoQuartz: Seamless flooring system that combines the durability of our epoxy and urethane resins with the beauty of colored quartz aggregate.


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Resource Library

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