Each year millions of dollars are spent on coating systems that fail due to inadequate surface preparation or improper installation. The most substantial cost of a coating is not the product itself, but the cost associated with the surface preparation and application of the coating system. Thermal-Chem’s meticulous step-by-step installation process ensures high performance results.

Surface Preparation

  • The concrete surface is abraded to remove contaminants and create a rough profile for maximum bond to the coating. This is best done using shot blasting, diamond grinding, or power sanding.
  • All cracks and holes are patched and grinded as needed.

Base Coat & Aggregate Application

  • The pigmented base epoxy coat is spread using a squeegee and back rolled for even thickness.
  • While the base coat is still wet, the vinyl flake or quartz aggregate is broadcast into the basecoat and allowed to dry.
  • The excess aggregate is scraped and vacuumed off.
  • DecoQuartz receives a second base coat and additional broadcast of quartz aggregate prior to the topcoat application.

Top Coat Application

  • A topcoat of UV resistant epoxy, urethane, or polyurea is spread using a squeegee and back rolled for an even thickness.
  • With some systems a second topcoat is applied for longevity and maximum durability.
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