Infrastructure Repair and Concrete Restoration Products

Since 1976, Thermal-Chem Corp. has been a leader in the formulation and manufacturing of advanced polymer technology for the repair, restoration and protection of interior and exterior concrete structures & surfaces. Used throughout the U.S by specialty contractors and experienced facility maintenance personnel, all of our two component, 100% solids epoxy products are Zero (0) VOC & LEED compliant. 


Concrete Restoration


Our product line includes a number of customizable options, including epoxy patching and grouting, injection restoration systems, bonding and adhesive products, joint sealants, sewer coatings, rebar epoxy patching, and fiber-enforced polymer (FRP).


Epoxy Patching and Grouting

Thermal-Chem Corp. provides high-performance epoxy Patching & Grouting products for application to horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete structures/surfaces.


Injection Restoration Systems

Our injection restoration systems use epoxy resin and polyurethane-based systems for Crack Repair in concrete, wood and masonry structures and substrates. This system is known to always be effective. Work is conducted accurately, and it is a non-invasive procedure.


Bonding and Adhesive Products

Bonding and Adhesive products for bonding freshly placed concrete to hardened concrete in horizontal & vertical applications as well as bonding concrete to steel, masonry, brick, and wood.


Joint Sealants

At Thermal-Chem Corp., we provide customers with joint Sealants for expansion, control and cold joint applications.


Epoxy Coated Rebar Repair Product

Our 803 BarPatch is a two-part corrosion resistant epoxy designed to touch-up and repairs any nicks, scars, and covering sheared ends of epoxy coated rebar to prevent rust from starting.


Sewer and Manhole Coatings

Our SewerTuff line of epoxy concrete protective coatings is designed to reline and repair manholes, lift stations, wet wells, clarifiers, etc. The SewerTuff systems produce an extremely tough and durable coating that protects the concrete from corrosive hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acids.


Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP)

Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Systems for structural strengthening and seismic retrofit of concrete, masonry and brick structures/surfaces.

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