Thermal-Chem Injection Resins are available in convenient, easy-to-use, dual cartridge delivery systems for application with either a low pressure manual or air-operated dispensing system. Thermal-Chem’s epoxy injection products are available for structural repairs in either a low viscosity formula for narrow void cracks less than 1/8” wide or in a gel consistency formula for structural repairs of wider void cracks in concrete, masonry, wood, and steel. Thermal-Chem epoxy injection resin systems are usable in dry, moist or underwater conditions. We also offer a polyurethane injection resin for non-structural, water stop applications.

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Injection Resin 2 201 212 213

413 SurfaceSeal

207 Hairline Crack Sealer

120 & 121 Polyurethane Injection Foam

Crack and Joint Repairs On Concrete Floors

Epoxy Crack Injection

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