Thermal-Chem’s Epoxy Polymer Concrete (EPC) is created by mixing a two component 100% solids epoxy binder with an engineered blend of gap-graded aggregate to produce a variety of special purpose EPC products. Thermal-Chem’s EPC Systems are available in high, medium and low modulus formulas that are used to perform a wide variety of tasks such as patching heavily trafficked wear surfaces, walls, load-bearing structures as well as multiple specialty applications at US military airfields, major commercial airports and large regional rail yard facilities. Through the use of tailored epoxy/aggregate mix designs, these materials can be applied as a pourable grout, a packable or trowelable patching compound and as a vertical or overhead repair mortar that can be applied at up to two inches in depth in a single lift. We also offer an EPC overlay system designed to withstand continuous (non-cycling) high temperature exposures up to 450 degrees F (232 degrees C).

Downloadable PDFs:

M3 Mortar Resin

3-3VO-306 Mortar Resin

Patching Concrete Installation Guide


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