Epoxy Top Coats and Resurfacers

Thermal-Chem’s family of 100% solid epoxy Top Coats and Resurfacers provide an extremely tough and durable finish to your flooring system. Our epoxy resurfacers help restore old, deteriorated, irregular, or pitted concrete to a smooth and durable finish.  Used as a Top Coat over any of the Thermal-Chem Floor Systems, ArmorClad Resurfacer provides a smooth glass-like surface or textured finish that has excellent abrasion and impact resistance. These systems typically contain UV inhibitors and more pigment than our primer and base coat systems to provide you with a long lasting, great looking, seamless surface.


Our Epoxy Top Coats and Resurfacers:

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    731 Armorbond

    ArmorBond Resurfacer 731: Self priming system that can be used as a base coat or top coat and dries to a smooth, glossy, seamless floor that has excellent abrasion and impact resistance.  Formulated for applications over dry substrates.
  • ArmorClad Resurfacer 736: A faster cure system than our 731, this unique self-leveling epoxy system can level and restore deteriorated, irregular, or pitted concrete to a smooth, durable finish. This high quality top coat can go over dry or moist substrates and provides a smooth, glass-like or textured finish that has excellent abrasion and impact resistance. Faster cure time than our ArmorBond Resurfacer 731.
  • ArmorTred Resurfacer 728: Designed as a durable, high-gloss, protective coating system that can be applied in a wide variety of slip resistant textures. This tough system can also be used as a single top coat application over one of our trowel overlay systems.
  • Resurfacer Plus 3.0 705: A rapid cure epoxy top coat system for medium and general use, where a minimum amount of downtime is required. With good UV resistance, this epoxy can be used as a coating, broadcast or self- leveling slurry system.

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