Epoxy polymer gel material for concrete crack and small hole repairs.

Often times in the field a contractor has to make their own patch material using left over epoxy and whatever sand or fill they have on hand. This can cause inconsistent mixes that are too dry or too wet which can lead to wasted product or repair failures down the road. Thermal-Chem’s 729 ArmorGel eliminates the guess work and provides a consistent patch martial every time that produces an extremely tough and durable repair with excellent adhesion.

When mixed, 729 ArmorGel has a peanut butter like consistency that is perfect for filling cracks, joints, pits, and other surface irregularities in concrete. Once hard, the 729 ArmorGel can then be ground smooth prior to the application of a coating. 729 ArmorGel is an extremely versatile material that can also be used as a cant cove material, filling bug holes in cast-concrete, and used to patch vertical and overhead concrete as well.

Available in one & three gallon kits, the mix ratio is 2:1 (Part A to Part B) by volume and each kit contains the exact amount of Part A, Part B, and gel additive to create the perfect patch every time.