Specialty Systems

We manufacture a complete line of coating systems to meet all of our customers demanding needs including urethane cements for food processing facilities, chemical resistant novalac epoxies and ultra fast cure repair materials.

  • FlashPatch 620: Very fast setting urethane/polyurea concrete repair material that rapidly builds strength and
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    is ready for heavy traffic loads in 15 minutes.

  • ThermalCrete 1030 SL/TP: ThermalCrete is a polyurethane flooring system that delivers the ultimate resistance to thermal shock. This heavy duty food industry grade flooring system is able to withstand the hot water wash downs, organic acids, agressive cleaning agents and heavy impact & abrasion found in the food processing industry.
  • ThermalGard 317: A 3 component epoxy polymer concrete that is able to withstand continuous elevated temperatures up to 500 °F.
  • VersiGard 750: Our versatile novalac epoxy system has excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of dry and liquid chemicals as well as providing optimum floor protection from abrasion and impact.
  • AcidGard 755: A unique formulation of polymers that is excellent for
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    areas where exposure to a wide variety of chemicals including significant concentrations of acids and caustics.

  • SolventGard 757: Chemical resistant epoxy novalac coating has been specifically formulated for optimum resistance to strong solvents.
  • BarPatch 803: Corrosion resistant epoxy material formulated for repairing nicks, scars and covering sheared ends of powder-coated steel rebar.
  • 1262 Loop Sealant Filled: A 100% solids, non-shrink epoxy used to fill traffic loops and airport runway light grouting.

Resource Library

Below is your one-stop resource for Thermal-Chem product information including Data Sheets, Specifications and Color Charts:

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