Thermal-Chem has two urethane cement products that are rapidly becoming some of the best sellers in our complete line of high-performance concrete coatings.

All urethane cement systems use urethane to catalyze the Portland blend of aggregates.  This makes project turnarounds very expeditious, while enhancing the concrete it is applied to.

Thermal-Crete is in the family of industrial resurfacers and is one of the fastest-growing segments in polymer coatings.

Today, ThermalCrete is being installed by flooring contractors throughout the world.  It is an engineered solution that provides protection against high-impact, chemical attacks, bacteria growth, and areas exposed to extreme temperatures.

We offer two versions of Thermal-Crete: SL-Slurry or TR-Troweled applied.  Thermal-Crete is available in three colors, Dark gray, light gray, or tile red.  Various topcoat products are available. 

Thermal-Crete offers the following advantages:

  • Fast-curing, requiring minimal downtime
  • Long-term durability, abrasion resistance is almost the same as regular concrete
  • Seamless, with no grout lines to worry about keeping clean
  • Resistant to bacteria growth
  • Resistant to acids, grease, alkalis, and other harsh chemicals
  • Can handle more moisture vapor transmission than typical epoxy polymer systems.
  • Has a similar coefficient of expansion to concrete making it the ideal choice for areas with high-temperature swings or thermal-shock

Typical installation areas for Thermal-Crete are:

  • Food and beverage processing
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Breweries
  • Dairy, meat, and poultry plants
  • Production areas
  • Warehouses 
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories

Installing Thermal-Crete is straightforward.  The product comes in pre-portioned components consisting of a Part A & Part B, colorant if required, and the aggregate.  No need to measure.  Just follow the instructions on our Technical Data Sheet found on this website.

Trust your project to a company that has been providing long-term flooring and wall solutions since 1976.  Please feel to contact us at 1-800-635-3773 if you would like to discuss your Thermal-Crete project with our experts.