Transportation Industry Coatings

Whether you ship by rail, airplane, or boat we’ve got you covered


Railroad Concrete Restoration

Over the years our systems have been successfully used on more than 60 projects in 40 different rail yards. These applications include the replacement of over 50,000 (12” x 14”) deteriorated concrete rail plate pads in-service track areas with high strength epoxy polymer concrete pads, a variety of use-specific epoxy coating systems for foot, wheel or heavy vehicle traffic on interior and exterior concrete surfaces as well as an easy-to-apply protective coating system for the interior surfaces of concrete wastewater containment structures that are subject to frequent or continuous exposure to oily water.


Airport Concrete Repairs and Can Light Grouting

From seamless, easy-to-clean and maintain floor coatings for restrooms and kitchens, to fast setting concrete repair products for runways, we offer systems to cover all areas in an airport. Our runway can light grout and fill for vehicle detection traffic loops are used at some of the busiest airports in the country.


Airplane Hangar Coatings

Since 1976 we’ve been manufacturing high-performance epoxy and urethane floor coatings used in airplane hangers. Our bright, reflective, high-gloss, hangar floor coating systems are tough enough to withstand the constant heavy traffic and the impact of dropped tools. They are resistant to Skydrol, oil, fuels, salt, fluids, and tire staining and will provide years of maintenance free service.

Airplane Hangar Floor Specification

Auto / Truck Dealers Floor Coatings

Our systems are tough enough to withstand the heavy traffic, dropped tools and fluids (oils, greases, gas, etc.) found in truck and car dealerships while providing an easy to maintain, safe walking service for your employees and customers.



Concrete Restoration


Can Light Grouting


Truck Dealer Floor Coating             


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