Urethane Flooring

At Thermal Chem, we provide urethane floor coating.


What is Urethane?

Urethane refers to three types of substances. These include carbamate, ethyl carbamate, and polyurethane. Carbamate is typically used as a pesticide. It is less toxic than other pesticides, and its composition is able to break down more efficiently than other pesticides as well. Ethyl carbamate is an organic compound that is commonly used as a cosolvent and solubilizer in pesticides, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry during synthesis procedures. Lastly, polyurethanes are organic plastics that are applied in a great variety of situations, such as for the creation and restoration of shoes, car seats, and mattresses.


Urethane Floor Coating

Epoxy is widely known to be one of the best and most popular flooring options for both industrial and commercial sites. Nevertheless, urethane floor coating is a cost-competitive, reliable flooring option, which provides durable high-quality floor finishes. If you are considering different flooring options for your company or organization, you will definitely want to look into our urethane floor coating services, that are guaranteed to provide impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, and abrasion-resistant long-floors.

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