Epoxy Wall Coating Systems

Thermal-Chem’s Epoxy Wall Coating Systems offer a wide selection of performance characteristics to fit even the most demanding needs and allow for application over most existing or new substrates. These versatile systems make it possible to install a seamless, ceramic-like epoxy wall coating system while having virtually no odor during installation. WallGard systems are USDA approved and VOC compliant. Matched with an appropriate Thermal-Chem floor system, these epoxy wall coatings can provide a seamless, protective, easy-to-clean surface from the ceiling all the way to the drain. Designed to withstand the harshest environments in industrial, institutional and commercial facilities, they can be applied as a decorative finish and/or can be reinforced to add strength & durability. The three novalac WallGard epoxy wall systems (HP, AR and SR) are three distinct chemical resistant formulations that are capable of resisting a wide range of chemicals in even the harshest and most severe environments.

WallGard Epoxy Wall Coating Systems:

  • WallGard HP 776:  The WallGard HP (High Performance) novalac epoxy wall coating has excellent chemical Forms Library – Products – Floor And Walls – Wall Coatingsresistance to a wide range of dry and liquid chemicals. Same chemical resistance as our VersiGard 750.
  • WallGard AR 777: The WallGard AR (Acid Resistant) novalac epoxy wall coating resists acids in high concentrations. Companion wall product to AcidGard 755.
  • WallGard SR 779: The WallGard SR (Solvent Resistant) novalac epoxy wall coating protects most substrates from extreme solvent exposures. Companion wall product to SolventGard 757.
  • WallGard E 775: Excellent general purpose high-build epoxy wall coating for vertical and overhead applications.  Provides a seamless, ceramic like surface over a variety of substrates including masonry block, drywall, concrete, brick and ceramic tile.
  • WallGard Gel 774: Gel consistency epoxy for pre-filling bugholes, filling grout lines, and other surface irregularities prior to any of the WallGard Epoxy Wall Coating systems.

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